The Team California program is not for everyone. The players will be selected through a try-out/ application process, in which all players must sign a contract with Team California Fastpitch.


Are You a Team CA Athlete?

What is the Team CA Program? 

​Are there Team CA Tryouts?

Does Team CA guarantee Spots?

What is expected of a Team CA Parent?

What does it cost to be a Team CA Athlete? 


​Each players will be obligated to:
1. Attend all practice and games
2 Be respectful of teammates and opponents
3 Give maximum effort and respect the game
​In addition Team California players are expected to maintain satisfactory grades and standing in their respective schools. Parents must commit to having their player arrive on-time to all practices and games. 

​This program is designed for the serious softball player and will require significant time and energy. This is not a recreational team and not all athletes may play in. However all players will receive an opportunity to play throughout the season. While the vast majority of games will be played locally team will participate in tournaments out of town as well. While Team California encourages players to play other sports (and will schedule practices to try and accommodate for other activities), players are expected to attend all team activities. Players who cannot attend a practice or a game are expected to notify the coach 48 hours in advance. Failure to attend practice or a games without prior notice will ordinarily result in dismissal from the team.

​Team California will hold a tryout once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Individual tryouts are available pending team openings. Please check our try-out page for details.

Once a player is added to a ​Team California roster that player is committed to the team until the next tryout. No players is guaranteed a spot farther out than the next try-out. Try-outs will be held ounce in the Spring and Once in the Fall in order to build the strongest and most cohesive team possible. Dates and time will be posted on our try-out page.

​Parents must commit to having their players arrive on-time to all practices and games. They must maintain positive parental support and encouragement during all Team California activities. Parents are minimally required to help in certain aspects of the team and are encouraged to give constructive feedback, information and suggestions.
Positive, open and honest communication is encouraged within the team and organization.

​There is a monthly fee which will be discussed pending team membership.*These fees will help cover-Team Equipment-Field Expense-Insurance-Uniforms-UmpiresFees are NON REFUNDABLE upon joining a team.